That's right! Beloved fat-mooned ball of sadness (that's why they call it "the blues") makes her reappearance in this very web comic. Yes, she's been through a little rough patch, what with the alien invasion and nuclear holocaust and all... but now, in the year of the Lord 2345 she's doing great! She's really enjoying her new role as B-grade third-world outer-arms colony of an empire of mind controlling grey aliens from Zeta Reticuli.


50% human, 50% grey, 100% piece of garbage, 0% remembers what the hell he was just doing, enjoys long walks on the beach, dabbles in organised and disorganised crime. Good thing the lungs are vestigial because on average it's a pack a panel.


Sweet country girl that tells everyone she's a runaway teen but then calls her mum every tuesday. Along for the ride with Wilt, unclear which one's the protégé(e), but they do keep eachother from dying. Of the Damorran species of space-faring yellow balls of fur.


Neurosis-positive, caffeine addicted attorney at law. Well, law, psychology, alchemy... same thing at this point. Human and not proud, and as many humans after their DNA got scrambled, some assembly required.


Flatworm god with a god complex, likes shaking hands. Currently deceased.

The Flesh Kernel

You know how sometimes you're frying an egg, and the boiling suddenly seems so interesting, hypnotic... the sound, the tiny little motions, that spectacular golden disk filling more and more of your field of view. What would it be like to dive into that warmth, that infinite sea of impossible stimuli? Everything else disassembles and slides away under the weight of that splendid light, that multicoloured clarity within wet, pulsing, squishy confusion. Goodbye meaning, goodbye identity, welcome vein-enveloped knots of organs and flowers in neverending bloom, welcome slithering tongues and clear skies whispering spells long forgotten.

Somewhere, enclosed in a cage of psychic dampening gel, lies a weapon of cosmic power capable of unimaginable destruction and creation, boiling in wait with rainbow-coloured nightmares and vermin infested visions.